Black, Red and Silver 40th Birthday Party

I’m slowly getting the parties I’ve done over the last few months posted on the blog…eventually I’ll be caught up, I just know it!

I had such a wonderful time creating this fun 40th birthday party for a client’s husband. She didn’t want a specific theme, just the colors black, red and silver.

The party was held in their beautiful backyard where we had a seating tent set up and a live band playing poolside. Food was catered from a local mexican restaurant and there was a crepe bar for dessert (as a request from the guest of honor), which I got no pictures of, bummer!

40th birthday party directional chalkboard sign

To direct guests to the backyard where the party was, I made this fun directional chalkboard sign and attached some balloons to it.

40th birthday party seating tent

40th birthday party decorations

40th birthday party tent decorations

The tent was decorated with bistro lights and clusters of tissue poms and paper lanterns were spread throughout the seating area.

40th birthday party centerpiece toppers

40th birthday party candy centerpieces

40th bday party paper fan centerpieces

40th birthday party centerpiece fans

Centerpieces were created by using glass jars filled with matching colored candy and then adding the fun 40-themed printable circles and paper fans.

40th birthday party cake table

40th birthday party masculine cake

40th birthday party chevron cake

40th birthday party sign in table

As guests entered the party they were greeted by a table which included the beautiful cake and a guestbook to leave Eric birthday wishes.

40th birthday party band playing poolside

The live band playing poolside was my favorite – they were so fun and played both 80’s music and today’s hits.

Black White and Silver fans - these would be perfect decor for a 40th birthday party!These black, white & silver paper fans would be perfect decor for a 40th birthday party!


Cake – Jill at Sprinklebelle Cakes

Printable party circles – Debbie at Wants & Wishes Design

Tent, tables and linen rentals – RSVP Rentals

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  1. BEA says

    Hello Holly:
    I love this decoration, please give some ideas on how did you do the center pieces and what did you use to fill them.
    I’m planning to celebrate my husband’s 40th bday party and he want the same theme .

  2. issa mateo says

    Hello that looks awesome. I have a question what did you put in the back of the fans to cover the glue? And what did you put on the back of the big circle to cover the stick holding it?

    • Holly - Paisley Petal Events says

      I used the large printable circles on both sides of the fan and since I used hot glue, you couldn’t really see the glue where I placed the sticks.

  3. Lisa Byers says

    Hi this theme is fantastic I’ve been searching for a theme for my husbands surprise party and this fits the bill as he is a man united fan the colours match perfect. I have just purchased the printables but have a question approx how tall we’re your glasses vases to carry off the size of the 8″ circles thank you for your advise lisa

    • Holly - Paisley Petal Events says

      Hi Lisa, my jars were all different sizes but ranged in size from about 10″ to 16″ tall. Hope that helps & good luck with the party!!

  4. Cristina Castro says

    Hello Holly,
    I have a question about the centerpieces. When I went to order the full collection it did not ask for the age of the type of party that I will be having. Is this asked for later?

    • Holly - Paisley Petal Events says

      Hi Cristina, I don’t know what you ordered since I don’t sell the printables. You will need to contact Debbie at Wants and Wishes where you purchased them.

    • Holly - Paisley Petal Events says

      Laura, they’re small wood dowels that I painted black – about 16 inches long and 1/4 inch around.

  5. Vickie says

    Hi Holly,
    I love the pictures of this party. I was searching for some kind of red, black and silver 40th party idea for my husband’s party. I was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me? Do you remember what sizes of the paper lanterns and the paper poms you used for the center of the tent? Where did you get them? Also, What were the silver, black, red and white candies that you had layered in the vase? I was wondering if they were sixlets? Thank you for you help.

    • Holly - Paisley Petal Events says

      Hi Vickie,
      Thank you for visiting! I know I used a large paper lantern for the center of the tent, which was probably about 24 inches and then I used different sizes of poms and lanterns ranging from 12 inches to 16 inches. I got my lanterns and poms at my local party supply store which is called Zurchers. You could check to see if they have these items online – they do have a website. And yes, I did use sixlets in some of my jars along with large gumballs and sour balls. Good luck with the party! If you have any other questions, let me know!

  6. Jennifer says

    How much candy did it take to fill up the center pieces – I am not sure how many bubble gum and sour balls to get. Online, it seems like they are sold in 2 lb bags – around 120 per 2 lbs.

    • Holly - Paisley Petal Events says

      Hi Jennifer,
      Unfortunately I can’t give you an easy answer – it’s really hard to tell because it totally depends on how big your glass jars are. The gumballs are about 1″ around and the sour balls are a little smaller, about 3/4″ around if that helps at all.

  7. Hema says

    Hi Holly,
    This looks awesome, you are very talented!!!! I wanted to know what kind of paper you used to make the fans? card stock paper is too thick and the fans do not come out too neat. Also, where did you get your glasses from? thanks so much for your help.

    • Holly - Paisley Petal Events says

      Thank you Hema! I did use cardstock for the fans – I used a paper scorer which makes the creases for you so the cardstock folds nice & neat. You can get a Martha Stewart paper scorer at a craft store or on Amazon for about $24 (or less if you have a coupon!). My glass jars have come from different places – Homegoods, TJMaxx, Michaels crafts, Hobby Lobby. Hope that helps!

  8. Hema says

    Thanks Holly. Made perfect fans with the paper scorer.
    Another quick question: what kind of paint
    Did u use to color the sticks? Thanks so much!!

    • Holly - Paisley Petal Events says

      Hi Hema, I just used black spray paint to paint my sticks. I placed them standing upright in some styrofoam and sprayed them all together :-)

  9. Nidhi says

    Hi, I wanted to ask you about the sticks. Where did you get them from.
    I love the way you’ve organized and hope to get a few ideas from here.

    Also, I have huge mason jars and plan on using three for the cake table. Would a one pound bag of gumballs
    Fill one mason jar. Thank you so much

  10. keivela says

    Hello holly where did you purchase your wooden dowel sticks from I’ve having a hard time finding 16 inches long

    • Holly - Paisley Petal Events says

      Hi Keivela, I purchased them at either Michaels or Hobby Lobby, I can’t remember. I just measured and they are 12 inches long, not 16 sorry!

  11. Janie Spencer says

    Hi Holly, You did a fantastic job! Just so professional. Thanks for all the awesome information. I am trying to plan a 40th Birthday Party for my son and this information is very very helpful. Thank you again!

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